Nowe centrum obróbcze CNC firmy HAAS VF1

Milling, machining, cutting and processing services

Our Gdynia based company offers fast and precise mechanical processing of elements provided by our customers. Also of our own parts, which we give to a person ordering. Having specialized machinery park were we do CNC and classical milling, drilling, and thread drilling of holes and any other works connected with machining, and more such as welding and painting.

Thanks to proper machines and knowledge of our team we can offer precise CNC milling of metal details on new vertical processing center HAAS, stainless steel and plastics (POM, plexi, laminate, PVC, etc.), non-ferrous metals (aluminium, brass, copper) also wood and MDF. We warmly encourage you to contact us to establish details of production and consult our team which will help you to find the solution and the best material to fill your order. Our specialists from Gdynia work in a complex way, fast and paying attention to each detail.

Our offer:

  • Milling on CNC HAAS VF-1 machining center;
  • Turning on classical lathes;
  • Machining on classical millings;
  • Whipsaw cutting diameter max. 250mm;
  • Buzz saw cutting of aluminum profiles;
  • Creation of spatial models (solid modelling 3D);
  • Drilling and thread drilling;
  • Designing of machines and electronical devices;
  • Designing of machines’ instrumentation.

We offer prototype and small serial quantities.

On CNC HAAS VF-1 machining center we process following metals:
- Steel, stainless steel;
- Plastics: pvc, pom, ertacetal, Teflon, laminates;
- Non-ferrous metals: aluminium, duraluminium, brass, bronze, copper;

Material selection
If you have a problem with proper material selection we are eager to help. We will advise what type of material will meet your expectations after processing. After individual consultations we set together a date of the order filling.

CNC milling of covers

SWe specialize in covers’ milling for electronical devices. We produce covers both plastic and aluminum. The covers can be lacquered with a color picked by the customer. We can also provide any string.

We can design a cover for specific electronics in a way that the PCB board will perfectly match with the cover.

We are able to produce even 1 piece

You don’t have to order big quantities of covers. To make a prototype, even a few pieces are enough.

frezowana obudowa z aluminium.   frezowana obudowa na szynę din z ABSu.   frezowana obudowa panelowa z ABSu.  

Delivery date:
We are precise not only in terms of production issues but also in work organization. Each placed order is at the same moment registered in our system and forwarded to the production.

Minimum order time realization is 24h

The way of order documentation delivery
If you chose an indirect way of communication it is necessary to send a documentation on the basis of which we will be able to produce a certain model. We kindly request to prepare a design and sending it to us via email in a file in format *.dxf, *.step.

We are also able to do CNC milling on the basis of even hand technical drawing send to us in a *.jpg file.

In order to provide the most accurate quotation of service please contact us via email:   .
Or using contact form.
The price depends on machine working time and material used.
To prepare pricing we need a drawing, type of material selected and the number of details.


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