Bluehipo with headquarters in Gdynia provides complex design of electronical devices, small machines and automatic elements. We only need your idea and the rest we do for you.

We specialize in solid modelling which enables us to design geometrical object in three-dimension, keeping the physicality of the product. This basic technique used for machineries’ and devices designing helps to omit the difficulties connected with classical modelling and provides a great effect thanks to which the object production is smoother. We use specialized program used for solid modelling following innovation and realizing complicated orders of our customers. We also use qualifications and experience of our team who can help you to choose an optimal solution and solid modelling will give an expected effect. We encourage you to contact us and present us your ideas.

What we can realize:

  • Device deign on the basis of project assumptions;,
  • Device design on the basis of idea scheme;
  • Electronical devices and machines copying;
  • Preparing schemes on the basis of the device;
  • PCB designing on the basis of a scheme.

Mechanical projects may include:

  • Setting project assumptions;
  • Initial device design;
  • Production of initial 3D models:
  • Production of final 3D model;
  • Choosing the most suitable production technique;
  • Material selection;
  • Prototype production, e.g. using machining, milling, CNC milling, turning, etc.

Electronical projects may include:

  • Setting project assumptions;
  • WInitial device design;
  • Preparation of idea scheme;
  • Design and production of printing PCB board;
  • Production and mounting of PCB;
  • Prototype activation and testing;
  • Device programming;
  • Designing and/or cover choosing;
  • Milling of covers;
  • CNC milling of elements (pcv, pet, ertacetal, aluminum, brass, etc.);

Quotation of projects

How much does the project cost?

It is not possible to provide one pricelist. Each project is priced individually. The price depends on the complexity of the project and delivery date.

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