Solid 3D modelling

Services which we offer provide possibility of creation unique projects of elements necessary in many industrial branches.

In our wide offer you may find many specialized services including professional solid modelling 3D. We can prepare for you both prototypes and full complex and detailed constructions. All realizations are made with the usage of the latest technologies, according to customer’s expectations. On the basis of a draft we can easily prepare a project in 3D program.

hat is more, we can offer you the improvement of already existing project, to make it more suitable for your needs and expectations. The project can be checked and corrected. Each detail will mirror the expected effect in reality. Thanks to our qualified team and 3D solid modelling technique we are able to detect even the smallest flaws which could unable the project realization or unnecessarily increase the project delivery cost.

We also offer projects of entire devices. Before the prototype production we are able to asses if all the elements will match. Which helps to decrease the cost and shorten delivery time.

We warmly encourage you to consult us in terms of projects and prototypes production using 3D solid modelling method. We are eager to help you in selecting the material and production technology.

Satisfied customer and professional service are our mission.


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